Thursday, August 15, 2013


There is a few changes going on to the releases.

FIRST: GVNT has thrown out that name and is now a tentatively untitled project. Songs are being put together and more info will come when the tape is ready.

SECOND: The Baluga ep has been pushed back and in it's place will be a split tape between them and a new project featuring the same members playing different instruments called Squid. This tape will be a single/sampler release featuring tracks that will be featured on their future individual full length recordings.

THIRD: The Slap Handz tape is on hold for the moment due to unforeseen circumstances. More on this in the next week or so.

An update including the split between Baluga and Squid, the "GVNT" project tape, possibly the Slap Handz tape, plus sweet distro stuff will happen next month if everything goes well.

Thanks for the support!


Sunday, August 4, 2013


Just uploaded a song off the upcoming Slap Handz demo to soundcloud!

listen to it here


Slap Handz artwork is complete and the songs have been mastered by the legendary Will Killingsworth at Dead Air. Production on the tapes will start in a few weeks or as soon as I get everything situated. I will be posting a song to the soundcloud page later tonight or tomorrow and the album will be available to stream on bandcamp sometime before it is released.
The band is working on setting up a release show by the end of the month in NH. More details on this as I get them.

Ezkathon "The Cvrsed Idols" cs is out and there are still plenty of copies available from me and if you are in europe I would get in contact with him. There are a few copies left of the Whorls demo and the split between DeadMoths and Good Fucking Luck. I have a good amount of copies of everything else.

I am going to try to distro some stuff out to other labels in order to make the releases more available to people.

More updates to come!

Thanks to all.