Friday, December 13, 2013


Happy Friday the 13th all! Haven't updated you all in awhile so here's one:

Hexis/Redwood Hill split is OUT NOW and available in the store. There are some other labels around who have some so check around too.

I have limited copies of the Adobe Homes record left including 1 or 2 black copies which were super limited.

The distro has been getting pdated more frequently which is sweet and I'll be getting in some awesome stuff from Halo Of Flies and Deadtank Records real soon. Possibly more!

Fucked In Public has started up again so we may see that release yet.

I've been working on setting up some new stuff. More info as I know it.

I want to thank everyone for their support over this past year. 2013 has been pretty big for me! If you don't like us on facebook go hit that like button. I at least want to get to 100. Please!

If you are going to watch Jason rip people apart today watch Part 3! That scene at the end when you see him in the window on the second floor and then a second later he explodes through the front door! Ha-ha! I die every time! Tim, if you're reading this, you know! Ha-ha!


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    1. Haha so good! Fucking plows through that door hahaha. Love it. Don't forget, they shot that shit in 3D. 80's goodness!!