Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Updated the store with some sweet BUNDLE packages.

The Hexis bundle includes the split 7" pic disc w/Redwood Hill and the Self-titled 12" record

Bundle 1:
Baluga/Squid "Sampler" split cs and BLACKHATCLUB "5 Songs" cs
These two tapes compliment eachother really well. This is a nice bundle to chill out with and have fun. Nice for that upcoming warm weather.

Bundle 2:
Cowboys Are Indians "Constantly Fucked" cs and EAT "Stop Thinking" cs
These two tapes like the first bundle go really well together. Both bands play progressive style music. EAT is all improv and CAI is all balls to the wall.

Bundle 3(The Polar Opposite Bundle):
Ezkathon "The Cvrsed Idols" cs and BLACKHATCLUB "5 Songs" cs
Talk about opposites! minimalist experimental songs meets intense black metal soundscapes! This is just wild right here!

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