Thursday, September 18, 2014


WHORLS - "Petrichor" LP out next week!
Releasedate: 25.09.2014
Hailing from Denmark, Whorls deliver a beast of debut LP on a bunch of labels from all over the world. Founded in 2011 WHORLS (with members of Putrifier) play a modern (or „post“) style of black metal and atmospheric darkend hardcore with chaotic and sludgy outbursts. They released a very well received demo in 2012 and an evenly great reviewed 7“ called „Lvmen Natvrae“ in 2013. Now these four guys from the city of Slagelse attack again with their aggressive and dissonant mixture of Black Metal and Hardcore. Fans of CELESTE, Hexis, This Gift is A Curse and Altar of Plagues (Official) will be all over this.

-limited to 525 copies
-100 copies in coloured vinyl, 425 in black
-180gr thick vinyl
-gatefold cover

Labels involved:
Maniyax Records
5FeetUnder Records
Grains of Sands Records
Bookhouse Records
The Path Less Traveled Records
Wolves And Vibrancy Records
Bloated Veins Records
IFB Records

Watch a video for the song "Atheoi" below!

I will have pre-orders up when I know my copies are on their way to me!!!

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