Thursday, November 6, 2014


Nod Nod is finally up on bandcamp! Stream the upcoming cassette here:
The cassette we are releasing for them is being put out on vinyl first! They are having a rad release show that I can't go to, but if you can, you should!

Tutti I Colori Del Buio finally got their tapes! If you're in Italy or Europe, order from them! If you are a label / distro that wants some, get in touch with me!
Look at this pic!

Cowboys Are Indians finally has a bandcamp page, and I still have "Constantly Fucked" tapes. I'll be getting some LP's again soon too!

I switched up the art for the Et Tu Brute DISCOGRAPHY tape. I just need to get the ok from the band and then those will get shipped to the plant! Listen to the tape here:

I've got some big things coming up! Some awesome releases, some rad distro updates, and more! Still working on some Bookhouse Merch!

The Twin Peaks comp release!
I have a tentative titl and cover art for the release.
If you (band or label) want to be involved please let me know.
There is plenty of time to figure it all out, and I am still working out how and what and where and all that, but I want to start getting a tentative line up of bands and labels if any are interested!

So let me know!

That's all for now!

Thanks so much!

ps. I'm almost at 200 likes on FACEBOOK! Thanks so much!
My birthday is Monday! Expect some sort of sale!

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