Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Lots of big things going on!

Et Tu Brute "Discography" cs has NEW artwork! Tapes will be out early 2015. I was unhappy with the art so I re-did it and it took longer than I wanted. I'm happy now, and the band is happy. Tapes for real! Early January. Sweet B-side too!

I am awaiting confirmation from Movion and art and then that tape will go into production.

Nod Nod just released their album on vinyl and have been busy with that. I just got an email yesterday regarding the tape. Artwork is being worked. Bookhouse is co-releasing this with NAAB (peep our friends list). I just need art and some fine tuning and this will go into production.

I'm hoping the previous three tapes will be out in January. February the latest!

Now some new stuff!

I am so happy to officially announce Bookhouse will be helping in the release of a full length LP by french instrumental rockers, Grand Detour! Their ep 12" was on constant repeat on my turntable and in the car. I am so stoked on this one!

Next, we will be co-releasing with a slew of awesome labels, the newest LP from Viva Belgrado! This band was sprung upon me and I am so grateful! I checked my email one day and there they were! This band is really fucking incredible! The album is a beast too! Check it on our bandcamp!

The next two are both Russian monsters!


We are co-releasing the first full length from  Причал (Berths). Screamo punk featuring members of Euglena (my man Sanya) and Reka. This is a monster record!

and Second

we are co-releasing a 12" with some rad labels including Grains of Sand, the newest record from Колчак (Kolchak). This band slays! Really awesome instrumental jams. It's like blackened hardcore / punk / instrumentals! So good!


2015 is going to be a big year!

I have a big distro update coming soon too! I wanted it to be out for X Mas but I'm a little late! Sorry!
I'll have some sweet records / tapes from IFB, Skeletal Lightning, KYEO Speaks, Wolves And Vibrancy, Narshardaa, and Grains of Sand

This reminds me, I will be getting my copies of the third press of Hexis' 12" ep. This is pressed on 180 gram clear vinyl!

So rad!

I didn't realize I was so far behind on updates!

All of the bands can be found in the "bands" tab and labels in the "friends" tab!

Thanks for a rad ass 2014!
I got like 200+ likes on the ol' FB too!

Big time!

Thanks so much!

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