Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Another month has passed since I put anything on here.
So here's some news.

Alter "False Dawn" cs is OUT NOW and in the store! 5 songs of noisy post-rock shoegaze. Pro printed / dubbed tapes. Limited to 100. Stream / download here.

Pastel "L’Acchiappanuvole" cs is still up for pre-order. I am just waiting on my copies to arrive.

I am also waiting on my copies of Grand Detour "Tripalium" LP which should arrive any day! 

Movion, Nod Nod, and Et Tu Brute tapes are in production.

I have a bunch of stuff for sale in the store.
Limited copies of Ezkathon "The Cvrsed Idols" cs and the Baluga/Squid split cs. Both are down to $1 or free with an order.

Nothing new is planned right now. I just need to catch up on the older releases.

New releases:
Alter "False Dawn"cs
Storm{O} "Sospesi Nel Vuoto Brucermo In Un E Il Cerchio Sara Chiuso" cs
Причал "Отголоски" LP
Viva Belgrado "Flores, Carne" LP (a second press is in the works through select labels.)

Older releases:
Tutti I Colori Del Buio "demo" cs
Whorls "Petrichor" LP (1 copy left on color)
Eeva "Bypass" LP
A Flower Kollapsed "s/t" cs
Hexis "s/t" 12" 3rd press on 180g clear vinyl w/etched B-side

Older still and limited copies available:
Oaken / Marnost split LP (5 left)
Baluga / Squid "Sampler" split cs (4 left)
Ezkathon "The Cvrsed Idols" cs (5 left)

+ lots of great distro stuff!

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