Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Pastel "L'Acchiappanuvole: cs is OUT NOW and available in the store!!!

"One of the most likeable bands I know and they are probably the best 2-piece emotive punk/screamo/instrumental band around. 
Hailing from bari/italy PASTEL released a great split record in 2014 with Merridew and are now going to kick if off with their first full length “L’Acchiappanuvole”. So stunning to hear what Andrea and Vito recorded on this lp – the guitars are mind-blowing waving from one side to another with such a cool post-punk/blast-beat/epic-post-rock mix and the screams are crushing in like knifes – heartwarming and so intense." - Miss The Stars

I will have the album up for stream and free download on bandcamp later today!
In the meantime listen here: https://pasteldiy.bandcamp.com/album/lacchiappanuvole

This is s co-release with Ronald Records and it is Bookhouse Records #030

Snag up the tape in the store HERE and check out all the stuff we have on sale!

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